David and Margaret WinterI inherited my love of genealogy from my dad.

During the mid-1960s, Dad realized that he was the last male in our family tree who carried the last name Griffith—he had no first cousins, he had only a sister, and he had only daughters. So he began extensive genealogy research to find out who he came from.

My passion for genealogy was born as I accompanied him to dusty archives and dilapidated cemeteries. The ancestors that we discovered became as real to me as my living relatives were.

When Dad passed, I inherited his research. Boxes upon boxes of notes, letters, documents, newspapers, reference books—you name it. I’m now, because of online resources, able to fill in some of the blanks he couldn’t and can pass on our stories to future generations.

James & Rebecca HarlanI’ve also accomplished the following:

  • I’ve found information for a loved one about her mother’s mother who, at 19, passed on just days after the birth.
  • I’ve linked family memorials together on
  • I’ve added parents’ names to the memorials of children who passed before their time. Now these babies won’t end up forever lost in the archives.
  • I’ve been able to unravel a family mystery which I outlined in a previous blog, Researching a Family Story.
  • I’ve run across many more mysteries that I want to explore. Every question answered brings up more questions.

Oh… and the photos on the left. Those stern looking folks are some of my Great-great grandparents.


Contact me with your family stories. I can help your ancestors become real for you.

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