Mo Sews RoswellMo Sews PittsboroMy parents taught me to love family history and to cherish items passed down through the generations.

My childhood home was filled with those items—hand embroidered linens, family bibles, dishes, tools, photos—you name it. And I loved hearing the stories attached to each one.

My sisters and I eventually moved away to start families of our own. We wanted to pass on those items to our children. I used the cherished pieces to create keepsakes for each child. Now they have heirlooms that carry the stories of our ancestors. They can continue the tradition and pass them along to future generations.

Today I create Quilts—Shadow Boxes—Pillows— Scrapbooks and other items.

I begin with your items and ideas, so each creation is one of a kind and intimately personal.

Let me turn your cherished memories into keepsakes.

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 If my stories and examples inspire you to dig out your sewing machine and craft supplies,

YAY!! 🙂

It warms my heart knowing that another’s family memories are preserved. And I’d love to hear about your projects. You can leave comments below or contact me via email.

Blessings for a wonder-full day!


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