A Family History: A Pictorial Record

The photos in this blog post show a little of the family history I’ve accomplished throughout the years using my sewing ability. Y’know—before I realized that I’ve always been Mo Sews Memories. 🙂

I made the quilt pictured below, 20 years ago for our grandson, Jonathon. It was pieced, using left over scraps from outfits that I’d made for his mom when she was little. Remember genie pants and crop tops in the ‘80s? Well, Heather’s were dinosaur print and extremely bright.


The next one is Jon when he was a newborn and Loelah, Jon’s daughter, taken a couple of weeks ago on that quilt. Both babies are wearing the same onesie. My daughter intentionally posed the 2nd photo, doing her part to pass along family history. Makes a sentimental momma proud. 🙂

Jon and Loelah on Jon baby quilt

The next photo collage features Loelah’s Quilt. The fabric in this quilt comes from one of my obsessions—scouring remnant racks in every craft store I enter. And the backing, yarn, and batting came from yard sales. Bargains—love ‘em!

The other photos in the collage are: Daddy with Baby Loelah and Our Baby with Her First Grandbaby. Ummm…I try not to think about how old I am. <wink>

Loelah quilt FB

And the last photo is Loelah on her quilt.

Loelah on quilt

Twenty years from now, I hope to have another photo to add to this collection—one of my great-great grandchild on his/her mother’s quilt. And I hope this story is passed down to that child and to future generations as well.

I just love this stuff!

It’s been great chatting with you again, Over the Back Fence. Let me know how you’re doing and what projects you have going. I’d love to hear from you.