Feeling Old—Feeling Blessed

Sometimes a photo is all it takes to bring back a flood of memories—even to hit you over the head with the fact that years have passed and you’re getting old! I saw that photo last night on Face Book.

Goddard High School in Roswell, New Mexico held its graduation ceremony. Proud graduates, proud siblings, proud parents. Two of my grandsons walked with the others in their class and both did a fist-pump as they exited the stage, diploma in hand. This is one proud Nana!

Jon with quilt bI remembered working on baby quilts for my grandkids. I also remembered all of the special moments as they grew—birthday cakes and riding bikes and Grandpa teaching them to count (1-2-6-3-16-59-27…) and stories about “tug snails” (those will have to wait for another post) and driver’s licenses. I realized as those memories flooded in that we’ve spent a lifetime—their lifetime—growing as a family. As the years passed, I lived life right along with them so I didn’t realize they were actually changing from babies to boys to men.

graduatesMy daughters posted lots of photos of the graduation and I relished each one since we weren’t able to be there in person. But the photo that hit me like a ton of bricks was posted by a friend and former co-worker of mine. Her son was among the proud graduates at Goddard High. The last time I saw him—18 years ago—I had made a quilt for his mom’s baby shower as a gift from the office staff where we worked. Wow! To see the change from the infant he was to the man he is becoming…. Well, this morning I feel really old but very blessed to have been a part of the lives of these special people! Congratulations boys!

It’s been nice chatting with you all. I look forward to hearing from you soon—Over the Back Fence. Tell me your ideas about turning your memories into keepsakes. I’d love to help!