Merry Christmas!

mona closeup smallGood morning Friends!

I don’t know about you, but Christmas is the most sentimental time of year for me. Several years ago I started feeling the weight of the commercialism that Christmas has become. Don’t get me wrong—in years past, we went into debt buying the latest must-haves for our kids just like everybody else. But today, I don’t think they even remember those things, let alone still have them. Most of those must-haves ended up broken and in the trash years ago.

Thinking back over the past decade, I realize that many of the items pictured on were actually Christmas gifts that I created for my family: the shadowbox for my dad, the letter pillows for my grandkids, the scrapbooks. A few years ago I assembled a video from all of our Christmas-past pictures to give to each of our kids. This year, our youngest requested another copy. His had been lost during one of his moves. That request prompted me to ask the others if they still had their copies. Each one said, “Yes! It’s a tradition now to watch it with my family.” Makes a sentimental mom’s heart sing!

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas full of laughter, love, and memories! And I look forward to hearing from you soon—Over the Back Fencewith your ideas about turning those memories into keepsakes.


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